25. August - 1. September 2006

Mark Durkan - Christophe Bachalard - John Holten

A collection of mixed media art exploring ideas of democracy and its realisation in everyday life. Freigora is a type of event that is open to all, merging audience, artist, participant and which can exist anywhere. The rooms of Weekend Gallery are Germany's first host to this mental collectivity.

The show will comprise of a reading room of Parking Meter Press publications from the last 12 months, including work form both PMP Art and PMP Literature.

Further will be presentation of events and interventions which have been conducted in Berlin during the summer months as well as drawings, delineations and other work by artists Mark Durkan and Christophe Bachalard.

The show will be an investigation into the concerns of democracy and its everyday curtailment, offering insights on the theory of furthering the democratisation of art and widening the public audience in its reception. These investigations will be compiled into a limited edition PMP pamphlet made especially for the Weekend Gallery exposition.

And on Saturday the 26th August Irish writer John Holten will read from his collection 'The United States of Europe' before opening up the reading to a discussion concerning the idea of a European art and literature, looking at ideas of collaboration, intergration and European identity itself.

Vernissage am 25. August 19 Uhr
Lesung "Art and the Idea of Europe" und Bar am 26. August 19 Uhr